How to Make a Wooden Wheeled Clock and Dead Centre Turning
by  E. J. TYLER
The two subjects compliment each other as it is the author's suggestion that the turning of the arbors and collets etc. in the wooden wheeled clock is carried out by hand turning methods. The accent in the construction of this clock is in the use of simple and basic tools. The cutting of the wooden wheels is carried out with homemade fly cutters. Instructions are given on a simple device for depthing the wheels and pinions. A full set of constructional drawings are included. In 'Dead Centre Turning' the author deals with the making of the various runners and ancillary equipment necessary in the use of the 'turns'. In order to exploit the possibilities of this simple tool to the maximum, he assumes that the reader has acquired a set of turns but minus all the equipment and then proceeds to describe how to make this on the actual turns themselves without resource to other machine tools! A description of the construction of a set of turning arbors is provided together with the use of the turns for repairing pivots, repivoting and the making of large bushes required when rebushing barrel holes. Even if a set of turns is not available an ordinary centre lathe can be used in this role. Orderform5

There are 42 pages and over 76 photographs and drawings. Also 10 pages of pull out drawings                            ORDER FORM

This book is a reprint of the articles

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